Illuminated Dropped Capital It has been said, if you meet the Buddha on the road, immediately draw your Vajra sword and kill him. Better than suffer a lifetime of wrestling with a great ball of doubt built of Bankei - Zen Patriarch: The ordinary mind is the Buddha Mind!words or seeking to see your true face before you were born or seeking absolutes in a reality with none. Buddha stated that he received absolutely nothing from Absolute Complete Awakening.

Illuminated Dropped Capital If you do not ask the correct questions, do not be surprised if the answers you are given create more confusion than they resolve. There must be 42 ways to lose your sense of orientation. Which end is up and who is on first? When our fundamental particles turn strange on us and loose their charm, thumbing their noses at us as they waggle their wave properties at us, should we play with the words some more or make a fundamental change in the way we think about the problem based on neither particles nor waves but something else?

Illuminated Dropped Capital The inconvenience of trying to beat together a reality from a sea of words using the hammer of physical reality is to be regretted. Slipping through the cracks in the barrier of physical existence into the reality of Mind seems the quickest way to get to this realization in a Reality in which we really have no time but Now.

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