Ultimate Reality as Universal Mind

Illuminated Dropped Capital I received the "poems" which can be viewed on the next page when I was in college and roughly 18 years old. I thought of them as poems which I thought I was writing under the vague influence of Japanese haiku style and reading various books on Zen Buddhism at the time. I now know that I was using a form of active meditation and blanking my conscious mind with these phrases appearing with no intention on my part regarding content. I was actually riding my motorcycle at the time for many of them and had to stop rapidly to write them down. Master Bankei. I do not know what order I received them in but soon came to realize that they could be looked at as a cycle or meaningful sequence. Only in the past ten years or so, after receiving a Gift of a Path, have I come to think of them as providing another view of God ~ Ultimate Reality as what I choose to refer to as Universal Mind or Absolute Mind which I sometimes think of as Buddha Mind. I have included some commentary from in my 50's, including some jokes for which I apologize to Mother Goose, Douglas Adams (hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy,  et al.) and L. Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz) and the screenwriter for the movie version of the Wizard of Oz. The jokes do have points and the format of presentation has a meaning which I believe can contribute to understanding of the whole viewpoint.

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