What Comes Next?

Extending this initial and largely introductory work will consist of two major efforts. A great deal of explanatory writing and commentary has already been done, taking this initial description and explaining much of what has been only stated so far. This relates to the Gift of a Path and to the Gifts as Poems. While I have a great deal more to say in explaining these concepts, you have the original information as given and can explore them yourselves if you think that might have value for you. I do not claim to have the last word. In addition, I have taken what I have learned from these gifts and used it to obtain more information. This additional information is written out, needing only polishing into a final form. In addition, I had done work starting as far back as 1989 going in the direction of writing a book. I've been consciously Talking with God for a long time. This work needs to be adapted into the format of a web page and integrated into the proper places.

The second major effort will consist of expanding on the Short Model of Reality, relating the elements to their origins more completely than I have indicated so far, whether in the gifts I have received or in the exploratory work of others. More complete descriptions will be supplied with explanations describing the specific work of others, corroboration between different sources and references to published work. Additional elements may be added to the model. I will attempt to add direct experience beyond my presently described explorations.

I spent several months passing my communications and questions, as directed, specifically through Jesus. Much of this was personal and irrelevant to others. I will attempt to put what I can of this into the context of the Short Model and what else is known about the spirit world. There is much we, specifically I, do not and probably will not be permitted to know about the hierarchies of the spirit world and its operations. I find it impossible to believe that it is monolithic and without factions and differences of opinion, considering the variability of souls and their experiences, much greater over all than that of humans, and what is found in the holy books of human religions regarding conflict. And after all, we are talking Infinity here, there is room for anything and everything although I have seen no sign of a split of good versus evil and heaven versus hell.

Specifically, I believe, based on my experience and what I see others stating, that there is a faction in the spirit world advocating relaxation of the amnesia of incarnated souls and the bringing in of greater percentage levels of the knowledge and capabilities of incarnating souls into their lives as humans, resulting in a greater ability of souls to control the human body/ soul interaction. This should result in a lessening of human conflict and suffering at all levels from individuals to societies. It is my belief that knowledge of who we really are and what Ultimate Reality ~ God is really like will make it more difficult for each of us as individuals to do to others the things which are so commonly done in today's world. I believe that the others who are exploring God ~ Ultimate Reality, both the ones I have mentioned and the many others, are all working toward this end, consciously to greater or lesser degrees.

What I next offer will be a subscription web site as a continuation of this site. It will not, at least initially, be based on a model of an illuminated manuscript but of the more normal paper book format to which we all are accustomed. I solicit your input and opinions. Did the present formatting of this web site in some ways simulating an illuminated manuscript add anything to your enjoyment or was it just pretentious? Look at the end section of the Table of Contents page listed as "By Subscription" for indications of what the added contents will be. When I have sections completed and formatted as a web site, I will indicate this by highlighting that section and using its final title. Until then, page titles are only approximate to indicate my plans.

Thank you for your attention. The ideas I am advocating herein are "far out" in a general field that is of serious interest to few at best and is weird or worse to the majority. Creating a better understanding of the metaphysical reality in which we exist does seem to be an idea whose time has come, however. Hopefully the significant time I have devoted (and am devoting) to this effort will be of value to others besides myself.

Ted Vollers
Your Brother in Spirit

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