Active Mysticism Explores:
The Nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality
{An Interim Report - Revised Version Two}
{Original Version One is still available here for comparison.}

The Nature of God
The bent Bow, full drawn,
I Am,
The Arrow, face into
the rushing wind.
Archer at full draw point of release.

And Ultimate Reality


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God does not reside within all things. All things that exist reside within, take their existence from God's Will and are a part of God.

And who and what are you as you exist in Ultimate Reality? What are you really like behind the fog, fantasy and foolishness as well as the "ego" of your present incarnated existence?

Forget the Names! The words used here are only human creations, pointing fingers, and not the Reality. Learn here about directly experiencing that Reality and your own real self. Visit the Void, Indra's Net, the One before the arising of the Ten Thousand Things, the Elephant, the Moon and points beyond!

Graphic: Transported by the Field of God's Will

Exploring by a "Leap" of faith.

God's Will has only one command: Be! ~ Exist! ~ Now! ~ Become!

Each one of us is an energy~sense~probe by God into the Universe of Being, a part of the Perception of the Existence Field of God's Will by which we are all in communication with each other and from which we all derive our existence.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." is in fact already a literal, absolute and inescapable truth. Whatever you do to anyone, you have done to yourself and to God!

You are in continuous two way communication with all of Ultimate Reality through the Field of God's Will, the very basis of your existence.

Know these things to be so and at the core of your being.

Wild strawberries for your enjoyment as you hang by one hand over the bottomless cliff edge of Ultimate Reality.

Welcome to a different exploration of mysticism and of the Ultimate Reality of which we are all a part, the One Great Consciousness within which you are one point of perception out of many. An "Executive Summary" is available here for the short of patience.

Enter to find a statement of the Principles upon which Ultimate Reality operates and the goal toward which they drive Ultimate Reality. The two Primary Driving and Organizing Principles. The Secondary Principles describing the source of all meanings, the nature and inter relationships of Absolute Free Will, Good, Evil and Morality. The Secondary Principle that determines the nature of the future of all of Ultimate Reality. Our true nature as incarnated human beings and as non physical beings between lives, the significance and goal of our lives and the reason for our existence.

Enter in Peace

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