Warnings to Readers


Before you proceed further, I would like to warn you that the majority of general readers will not be happy with what they find here. Specific warnings are listed below. I am not trying to chase you away, but acting in the physician's spirit of "First do no harm." To enter, go to the end of the page.

  • This site is based on spiritual quest, NOT religion. While not anti-religious and with no desire to change your beliefs, religion is fundamentally a social institution and irrelevant to a spiritual quest. What you find within will be contrary to your church dogma. In particular, while God is referred to, it is not the anthropomorphic God of religion.
  • This site is based on the author's experience, not any one elses nor any tradition other than individual discovery and individual analysis. Your only guarantee to truth is your own personal experience. I wish to inspire your personal quest, not guide it. I beseech you to find that path for yourself and in this spirit, to attempt no attack upon me if you don't find these contents to your taste.
  • Ultimate Reality is a strange and marvelous "place". Anything and everything is to be found here with no exclusions. For this reason, this site should be considered as R rated and the immature of all ages should go elsewhere. Not because of sexual content, although some discussion of sexual aspects of reality are present, but for you to avoid disappointment and information which may strain your present understanding.
  • If you are a "true believer" in any specific tradition of spiritual quest, be prepared to be unhappy with some or all of the contents. I have followed none and studied none in full depth and still have the temerity to comment and compare what I don't know in full. If you believe I err in any statement, you are welcome to comment by e-mail as long as you don't expect me to spend a lifetime studying your path just to understand your viewpoint.
  • While I have no desire to change your beliefs, I do desire to add to your understanding. This may improve your understanding of the teachings of your own religious faith. I hope to present adequate information to induce you to seek your own connection to Ultimate Reality. Beware of falling into Infinity as there are no guard rails. There is no up or down here, not to mention nothing to stand on. And there is always more to learn!

You have been warned!   Enter or depart in peace as you choose.

Ted Vollers, your brother in Spirit.


Copyright 2001,2,3,4,5,12 by Ted Vollers.