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Executive Summary

For those of short patience and disinclined to bothering with the details, I have decided to add an executive summary to this web site. The content will be limited, but perhaps it will tell you whether you want to invest more time in looking at the rest.

This web site is titled Active Mysticism Explores: The Nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality. This is not an exaggeration. This is exactly what is done herein. You may disagree with the results after reading it, but it is offered as quite complete and true. More so that I ever previously thought to be possible. Although not the result of an intellectual analysis, the pieces do fit logically together and the latest thinking of modern (quantum) physics is consistent with this model, based on consciousness as the underlying basis of reality. The results can also be positively compared to the statements of many Explorers of Ultimate Reality and historical mystics who have left records of their learnings.

This web site results from and represents a lifetime of study and meditation on the part of an engineer and mystic by nature. Natural engineer in the sense that I have all my life analyzed things, if not literally taken them apart, to see how they function. Natural engineer in that I have always designed things, systems, etc. that have worked when built. Engineer sufficiently capable to earn a Ph. D. in the field. Natural mystic based on the definition of being one who seeks communion with Ultimate Reality as per the dictionary definition. Natural mystic as I have sought understanding and this goal since my earliest memories. Mystic sufficiently capable to have been to many of the "places" recorded by those who have gone before and on my own specific path beyond as well.

These life skills have been applied to create this offering, my gift to you.

I have a few themes on which this presentation is based and that I have illustrated to be true, in my opinion.
     That anyone can do this as no special abilities are required.
     That all serious approaches to spirituality have aspects of truth.
     That examination of a range of spiritual traditions is instructive.
     That similarities of aspects of spiritual traditions is significant.
     That determining the basic principles of a system is a powerful tool.

From my childhood I realized that the picture of God presented by religion was full of contradictions, not to mention errors, and I could see a more consistent one myself, even as a child.

From my 20's, I received a very Buddhist flavored picture of Ultimate Reality best describable as Universal Mind (or perhaps Buddha Mind). Details are provided with some commentary. Some relatively sophisticated people have agreed that these "poems" have some merit and meaning.

From my 40's, I received a picture of life as a human best describable as a path leading from communication with God ~ Ultimate Reality through Union with God ~ Ultimate Reality. Details are provided with some commentary. More of a traditional picture but with some new elements too.

In my late 50's, I finally was able to put an understanding of the above and more together and create a Short Model of Ultimate Reality and generally understand the path of my life and where I was on it. By age 60, I think I have finally put together an adequately complete Short Model of Ultimate Reality, completing my understanding of things which I previously did not fully understand. This is based on Ultimate Reality arising from Consciousness, not from a physical reality producing consciousness. This has not been completed through either an intellectual effort or merit on my part, but based on gifts of information received.

This short model is both descriptive and also offers the basic principles on which God ~ Ultimate Reality operates. These principles are applied recursively throughout Ultimate Reality. They should provide a basis for understanding why many things are as they are. This model can be used to understand how mystical communion, shamanism, ecstatic states, healing and other para normal phenomena or non-ordinary states of consciousness can function. It can be used to see what is really important in your life and relationships to yourself and to others.

Generalized references are included to the works of some fellow Explorers of Ultimate Reality that have contributed to my understanding with acknowledgements of my debts to these fellow Explorers. They can expand on aspects of this information given only in skeletal form here. More specific reviews and commentary will be provided in a follow up work (which will be offered for sale).

This is a preliminary and freely offered introductory work. It includes what has been freely given to me in my lifetime and which I pass on to anyone willing to take the time to accept the gift. The more complete interpretation and explanation will be provided in a larger volume offered for sale. While you get some explanation and commentary here for free, there is a great deal more to say to enlarge and enhance your learning experience.

Have patience with my graphical partial simulation of illuminated manuscripts. It is part of my vision of how to present this work, not just affectation. Please also have patience with my tendency toward somewhat poetic language and "big words", not to mention "long wind" . I try to be succinct and precise in what I say and this sometimes results in use of a relatively uncommon word that means exactly what I want to say versus a more common term that just doesn't quite express the proper meaning. We are dealing here with aspects of Reality that are both important to understand and often subtle of meaning. Try not to be put off by this. Try not to be put off by the Warning Page. It is intended to see that, as the physician says, I first do no harm.

Please enter or depart in peace as you will.

Copyright 2002,3,4 by Ted Vollers.    All Rights Reserved.