wild strawberries found by the wayside

everything fits and functions together

life and death, good and evil, eating only of flesh and all flesh is grass

each blade of grass knows it exists as a thought in God's Mind

tell me what to write down next, me beyond the grass and sweat and blood

your god is your measure as wo/man, tying you to limits, pain, sin, birth, death

the blade of grass knows what you do not

know yourself as a part of God, unborn, undying

know yourself as one focus of God's Will upon the Now moment of eternity

know yourself as an act of worship

know yourself as a piece of God's Will acting upon matter; Spirit reaching out to enter and enlighten the material world

know yourself as a part of Spirit becoming: more complex, knowing, powerful, loving, understanding with each generation of flesh

know yourself beyond your material limits and find God

know yourself beyond fear and find love

know yourself as beyond limits, alone and never alone, bound only by God's Love, bounded only by the limits of your love

know that no matter how long in confusion you seek to find your true self and God, as a part of God you are never lost

Gargoyle Graphic
Gargoyle graphic
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