Short Model of Reality: Introduction

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he following, as revised Version Two, is an attempt to give a short and concise, minimal model of the Nature of Ultimate Reality and therefore of our own existence. As I stated on the entry page, welcome to a different exploration of mysticism and of the Ultimate Reality of which we are all a part, the One Great Consciousness within which you are one point of perception out of many. Reality can be better understood on the basis of originating from Consciousness. It is this viewpoint that I have come to understand and apply, described herein as my Short Model of Reality.There will be minimal explanations and references. This model will also explain our nature as human beings as part of Ultimate Reality. I seem to have had my mind catalyzed in some way after reading My Big TOE by Thomas Campbell, briefly reviewed elsewhere, so I can now present this model as complete to my best knowledge although at a basic level as indicated above. The changes and additions to convert version one of this model to the present Version Two have basically appeared in my conscious mind incrementally over months upon awakening from sleep, much as my Gift of a Path was received previously without preliminaries or explanation. I cannot claim to have created this by some great intellectual effort or logical analysis. My attempts to intellectually analyze and integrate these things, fitting all of this new and old material together, simply put, failed. Any errors are mine and not attributable to Thomas Campbell or others. There are potentially things which are beyond and outside of this model (See My Big TOE by Thomas Campbell for a discussion of this) that we can probably never know about as being totally beyond our knowledge or comprehension. But this short model is at present vastly beyond anything that I ever imagined putting into writing and presenting to the world as true.

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he changes made here in this revised Version Two can not be attributed only to my reading My Big Toe by Thomas Campbell. While this provided a catalytic effect, confirmed or explained things which I had encountered before, giving me further confidence in my past experience and gave me information I did not have, that is not the source of this Short Model. Different things are coming to me (from my usual unconscious sources, whoever they are) which are clarifying what I learned from My Big TOE as well as things that I had already had contact with in my own intuitions and visions. I find that the results fit together logically and explain a great deal that is not clear in any other sources that I am aware of. This material is located in pages 2 through 12 of this Short Model. Anyone considering it worth the effort can find reference to the Void, Indra's Web, our reality as virtual reality, etc., predating my knowledge of "My Big TOE", in my version one which has been preserved as part of this web site. From page 13 to the end, I discuss aspects of the first part as it affects and applies to our "human" virtual physical reality. Specific aspects of reality as we experience it that were previously included in my first version of this Short Model and which I now still see as being useful information for those wishing to explore reality.

Illuminated Dropped Capital I  freely and eagerly acknowledge a great debt, both of knowledge and friendly, helping contact with a fellow explorer, to Thomas Campbell and to his trilogy My Big TOE. However I have a great tendency to approach understanding things from a different perspective that I can trace back through my life and have come to recognize and rely on and have also discussed in the Introduction section of this work. That is to figure out the principles, if not already well known, that are the base on which a system operates. This permits understanding of new things that are not to be found in books (the past experience of others) or your own previous experience. This permits the solving of problems that do not fit in the usual "box", the normal range of things that you or your society are used to experiencing. It is this slightly different way of looking at Thomas Campbell's explanation of the primary processes and other aspects of reality and the addition of the secondary principles and their inter relationships associated with the way Ultimate Reality functions that I offer here as my step beyond and justification for this effort. This information has come to me, as explained above, in the way I have come to expect and appears to be from a source paralleling Thomas Campbell's direct observations. I probably have no information which is not stated (probably in a different manner) by Thomas Campbell or cannot be inferred from information that he provides. For this reason and because I tell you that you are remiss if you do not read Thomas Campbell's My Big TOE, I cannot be absolutely sure about annotating all references to information gained from My Big TOE. Over all, I am providing another way to look at the "Elephant" which some beings, like myself, will find more to their way of understanding. I wish I could claim that this had been done in this case by the power of my own intellect, but alas it is not so. A
gain this is a gift given to me, or rather to us, by those who provide guidance to me from out of darkness and anonymity. I recommend that above all, you read Thomas Campbell's My Big TOE as it is not a "short" model but the most complete fund of information on Ultimate Reality or AUM and our fellow beings resident within the One that you will find in this, our local virtual reality. Even if it is not your characteristic way of seeing things, you are bound to learn greatly from it. I eagerly await Thomas Campbell's planned follow up publications and continue to re-read My Big TOE for information I missed or did not fully understand the first times I read it.

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here are other aspects of reality which are not included as not required in a short, basic model. This model can be related to the list of generalized references provided in the Introduction section added to my own insights and the Gifts as included in this site. A more complete list of references, reviews, a bibliography and Internet links will be given elsewhere eventually. If you were to study all of these references, and especially the books written by Thomas Campbell and Michael Newton, Ph. D., you would find most of the elements of the model given here. That any given information provided by someone in the listed references, or elsewhere, is not included does not mean that I do not accept it as true and existing, only that it is not a basic aspect of reality in my understanding or does not fit into this minimal model or perhaps I am simply unaware of it. In actuality, the seemingly infinite nature of reality is such that it is impossible to state that something which can be imagined cannot or does not exist here. Contrariwise, that I include some aspect of the work reported by others does not mean that I find all of their writings to be correct. I have continued to maintain my terminology and reference to God in this model in honor of the original Gifts of information which I have received. I emphasize that this is not nor has ever been a reference to an anthropomorphic God of religion with human characteristics and a personality but a Being with a consciousness and existence truly and totally beyond our comprehension from a "human" perspective.

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