Short Model of Reality: Introduction


To view the revised Short Model Version 2, link from here. You will have to page all the way to the end of the new Short Model which can then link you to the last page of the original version of the Short Model. I apologize for any inconvenience. I did not want to wait any longer before providing this new information.

Illuminated Dropped Capital The following is an attempt to give a short and concise, minimal model of the Nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality and therefore of our own existence. There will be minimal explanations and references. This model will also explain our nature as human beings as part of God. Unfortunately there are many holes in this model. There are things which I can't figure out or don't know and which no one knows. I could fill some of these holes if I used terms like energy and vibrational frequency as are commonly used but I can't relate these to this model. They are too vague and/or this usage does not fit the normal meanings of these words from science and engineering. I could fill more holes if I were able to go and see for myself or was given the information but this has not happened yet. This model is based on the list of generalized references provided in the Introduction section added to my own insights and the Gifts as included in this site. A more complete list of references, a bibliography and Internet links will be given elsewhere. If you were to study all of these references, you would find most of the elements of the model given here. That any given information provide by someone in the listed references, or elsewhere, is not included below does not mean that I do not accept it as true and existing, only that it is not a basic aspect of reality in my understanding or does not fit into this minimal model. In actuality, the infinite nature of reality is such that it is impossible to state that something which can be imagined cannot or does not exist there. Contrariwise, that I include some aspect of the work reported by others does not mean that I find all of their writings to be correct.

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